Why Leaders Must Gaze Far Into The Future

The Best Way 

The best way to prepare for the future is to create it.

This is a popular wisdom.

But if you cannot create it then at least anticipate, visualize & imagine it.

This should be the favoured way of preparing for the future.

The Future 

In a decade or even less we would see the “Internet of Intelligence” where people, things & intelligence would be interconnected.

It would be the “Internet of Everything”.

Unlike today where we interact only between humans, the future interactions would be very different.

The interactions will be between humans & humans, humans & things & things & things etc.

The interactions would be as intelligent, real & worldly as possible.

The Limitless Interactions 

Like the humans each things will also be unique with their own distinctive personality.

Everything would change then including the concept of leadership.

Future leadership will lead & guide both the humans & the things and their various combinations.

It would require immense understandings of both the men, the things and their personalities to forge ahead.

It would be complex & myriad with a paradigm shift in our thinking about leadership.

In that age successful leadership would be the one who can make both the the humans, things & their combinations work as a team.