Why Leadership Fails Here ?

The Greatest Question Ever Asked ? 

Why can’t everyone be rich ? 

If this question seems too audacious to ask then let me soothe some of the nerves. we can reframe it to look less unsettling for many 

Why can’t everybody be more or less equal in terms of economic prosperity? 

Ok. wait. This question also seems to be far fetched & unachievable 

Then maybe it is time for humanity to lower the bar even low & finally settle for this question 

Why can’t every human be above a certain defined threshold limit of economic prosperity ? 

The Common Threshold of Humanity

This certain threshold limit can be relative from place to place. It should be such that it provides acceptable dignified economic life to everyone on the planet.

In simple terms it means there will be no poor when everyone is above that threshold mark. 

I am not asking to make everyone rich. 

I am demanding to free everyone from poverty

Is it too much to ask from human civilization which maybe 20000 years old officially ? 

We humans believe that we are superior to all the living species because of our intelligence.

But we do not know if economic inequalities are so severe in the other living organisms as in the humans. 

At Least I confess not to have read it anywhere. 

We Think Big But Act Small 

We are on the verge of conquering & colonising distant planets.

But if we do not conquer our greatest failure that is economic inequality, then the same anomaly would remain on Mars also. 

We would be replicating our dismal failure in the heavenly worlds. 

I doubt if any extra-terrestrial living being would be impressed by our economic track records. 

Time to at least impress them so that they have good opinions about the human leadership. 

Thought Leadership Any ?