Why Leadership Mind Must Not Fall In This Trap

The Homogenization 

The intellectual capital was the first to get homogenised. It then gave birth to the technology.

As technology got standardised the resultant effect was that both the products & services also got standardised & homogenised.

Then the education as a product & service started getting standardised worldwide specially in Engineering & Management.

At this juncture we see the emergence of countries, multinationals & global corporations having the same style & structure of governance everywhere in the world.

The Standard Leadership 

This actually points towards emergence of standarised & homegenous concept of leadership.

A concept of leadership that has unversal definition, structure,attributes,style & operations.

Even there is the unified vision, goals & directions.

This is all good but we must never forget diversity of thought in leadership.

Standardisation & homogenisation in leadership is good till a point but it cannot be Robotised.

For example Globalisation may be good sometimes but not everytime.

The Outlook 

Leadership is to solve problems,create opportunities & to give hope.

it can do so only if aspirations of all are taken into account.

Diversity in leadership goals allows us to think in diverse manners to protect the interest of the have nots.