Why Leadership Must Go Beyond These Options

The Change 

Great revolutions are silent as the graves.

Great changes are invisible like the ghosts.

The only thing that can be said with certainity about our existence is it's uncertainity.

Change has occurred either through Evolution or by Revolution.

Revolution is rare. Evolution is too slow to be even noticed.

Both Evolution & Revolution are two extremities on the scale of change.

The Other Options 

But there comes an epoch in history of our existence where the change occurs by mixture of both evolution & revolution.

The covid times are one such epoch where evolutions are not slow & revolutions are not loud & boisterous.

The concepts of interactions, works, education, travelling, dining, meetings, playing & even fitness etc all are changing.

Now even without going to schools or offices or even gyms you can accomplish your tasks.

Pre covid it was not even imagined as respectable ideas.

What Has Changed Now 

What has changed now that we accept things we never felt like accepting before ?

The answer is the Middle Path of the change scale where both evolution & revolution have combined together to force us to change.

Now change will occur everyday right before our eyes. Now you cannot diffrentiate between evolution & revolution.

All are same. All are change.