Why Most Of The Leadership Fail

Leadership is Influencing Yourself First

Classically we understand leadership as the power & influence over others. But I have a different view on the matter & its development stages. Actually leadership is the art of influencing & motivating oneself first. We must inspire our own self to accept the responsibilities & the road ahead. There must not exist doubts about our own capacity & mission. We should be a leader to our own self first

The Influence Over Our Own Ideas

The 2nd stage is when we have power & influence over our own ideas, vision, goals, directions etc as part of the leadership journey. We must be very clear as to what we intend to do & where we aspire to reach. There must not exist conflicting goals & confused personalities within our own selves. 

The Influence Over The Others 

The 3rd stage is when leadership has power of influence & motivation over others. This is the most visible & commonly understood aspect of leadership. This is the leadership we generally talk about. 

Why Most Leadership Fail 

Most leadership fail as they directly jump to the 3rd stage without completing the first two stages. They lack conviction of purpose, show confused priorities & ultimately the genuineness is lost. Leadership runs on the fuel of trust of own self & the other. That’s why stages are sine qua non for it's success. 

Do you agree?