Why Some Fail While Some Succeed

What Wisdom Tells Us 

A visionary shared his thoughts on leadership. He said that there are two things that are crucial to Leadership success. First is Will Power & the second is the Means& Resources. 

Most of the time leaders fail because they have the Means &Resources but do not have the requisite Will Power. They lack that urge, passion and drive to utilize the available resources. This is the Standard Failure Model. 

Why some are successful 

The successful leaders are those who have the Will Power first and then they connect the Means & Resources to strategies. It is seen through experiences that leaders having will power necessarily create means & resources even if the organisation lacks it initially. But it is equally true that failed leadership waste away the resources due to lack of will power. 

If we take any failed leadership we will find this Will Power Vs Means & Resources constant struggle. We never find both of them in harmony under failed leadership. In fact many leaders have failed because of the lack of "Means & Resources". But there are even bigger numbers of leadership who have failed due to lack of Will Power. This fact is also true.  

The Harmonious Bond 

Successful leaders always create harmonious bonds between Will Power and Means & Resources. Be the harmonious leader

Don't you think so ?