Why The Thought Leadership Is So Different From The Rest

Madness and Civilization

Michel Foucault, the french philosopher wrote the famous book Madness and civilization. His views changed the perception of Deviance from individualistic to collective in the social framework. No worldwide intellectual circles of that time remained untouched from his book 
Look at things  differently.  

That Which is Not

There was also one scholar who read this book. But his attention got fixated on a passing small paragraph which read “ ‘In the universality of the Western ratio, there is a division which is the Orient … The Orient is for the Occident everything that it is not”. 

This small paragraph evoked sea of thoughts in the mind of Edward Said & the rest is history in the field of Post colonial intellectualism.  

Influenced by the paragraph, Edward Said wrote “ Orientalism” which is considered one of the most influential books of the 20th century. From this book was born the concept of Orientalism which changed our perception forever.  

Ironically Orientalism became more famous than the book from which it is originally inspired 
Even a sign is Enough. 
“ Even a sign is enough for the wise” is a perfect adage in the “ Thought Leadership” 

The ordinary & the customary see things from their eyes. The prescient & the ingenious view it from their minds.  

The Art of Alchemy 

Thought Leadership knows the art of Alchemy. They turn dust into the gold. 

They turn even a sentence into an immortal concept.  

Have that perception. Have that Imagination.  

Be the Thought Leader. 

There is no other way.