Why We Decline And Leadership

 The changing material world around us 

The world is a material reality and so are the humans. The relations between the two will be continuous & material when both interact. 

The Changing Material World (CMW) is the ceaseless re-modelling entity where permanence is a glamorous illusion. 

The problem arises when the rate of change in CMW is faster & larger than the acceptance capacity of the individual. 

Most of the time the change in CMW is absolutely ignored, unaccepted or becomes unfathomable to the individual. 

The CMW acts irrespective of whether it is understood, accepted or denied. This is the most unique & challenging aspect about it. 

Why Decline Happens 

Over the period of time the process of interaction between CMW & the individual becomes so minimalist that regression starts. 

The journey of degeneration starts here. It is equally true for group entities like societies, organisations etc. 

Those entities which accepted, understood & interacted with CMW and then created their own system of scientific relationship with it were the winners. 

They continue to do so. 

Why we decline and the changing material world around us. 

It is the Mindset 

The problem of declining entities are rooted at the idea and the mental construct level. 

The Role of Thought Leadership is of paramount importance here. 

Leadership can change the Mindset of the generations. 

Do you Agree ?