Why We Must Not Fear Genuine Mistakes

Why Organisations Prevent Mistakes 

We all make mistakes. Mistakes makes us human.
It silently conveys that there is a huge scope for improvements.

In leadership positions, sometimes the value of mistakes becomes exponential. It may be costly for the organisation.

That is why systems & process are strengthened in organisations to minimise the chances of making mistakes.

Still Mistakes Occur and We Must Not Fear It 

But still Mistakes do occur at the high stake strategic decisions.

Maybe they are not mistakes. Most of the time the anticipated & Researched does not come out as expected.

But still we need to take decisions at the leadership positions.

This is the area where the mental toughness & experience matters when Mistakes bog us down.

Not all mistakes are costly. Sometimes the cost of failure is less than the cost of not taking bold decisions.

Think over it.