Why You Must Doubt

Doubt it 

An ordinary mind believes but the wise mind doubts.

From the earliest human civilization there was an effort to differentiate between the ordinary & the wise mind.

An ordinary mind would accept anything without any evidence but the wise mind would not. A wise mind needs the stimulation of reasoning to convince itself.

To aid this process of mind transformations, humans discovered Logics & Reasonings.

The Birth of Philosophy 

The struggle between the two sets of minds within humans gave birth to the organised speculative observations about the world.

This is what we began calling Philosophy.

Philosophy is that organised & disciplined universe of speculations & doubts that frees your imaginations from the limitations of the ordinary mind.

It gives you the limitless canvas to paint your imaginations.

Let Your Mind Agitate 

Until unless our minds don't agitate & speculate with reasonable doubts on matters that concerns us, it is impossible to lead in the “ Leadership of Ideas”.

But the good thing is that every mind has little bit of philosophy inherent in it. How you chisel it out is your leadership of mind.

Philosophy is the beautiful journey of transformation of an ordinary mind to the wise mind, possibly to the wise men.

To be precise it is the wise men who ultimately provide leadership.

Accept it ?