Why You Must Float Free

The Free Thought Realm

In the earliest of times everything seemed to be one. There was no strict divisions within the realms of Thoughts & Imaginations.

There was no difference between Mathematics & Philosophy, Science & Philosophy, Philosophy & Literature etc.

That's why Astronomers & Mathematicians were also Philosophers & vice versa.

The interdisciplinary thinking was the norm which was free from the Thinking Limitations & this made civilizations progress faster.

The EBTP Model 

With the passage of time & increase in knowledge we developed Expertise Based Thinking Patterns (EBTP).

The EBTP has its own merits in intensifying technological progress but it also limits our scope of imaginations within the defined boundaries.

It is like the nations within the one world where each exists for its own only.

The EBTP can create unimaginable skills but it somehow discourages the mind to be the “universal mind” untill unless interdisciplinary & multidisciplinary becomes the norm.

The EBTP in a way is a discouragement to the concept of leadership.

Float Free 

The great leadership are rarely domain experts. They are great inter-disciplinarian & are well read & greatly experienced in all the domains that matters.

Leadership must free their minds from all the confines.

They must float free.