Why You Should Not Accept Things Merely On Face Value Alone

Truth has Consensual Construct 

Truth is the most accepted & dominating version of events & processes. But it does not necessarily mean that those versions always would be the real facts. It may or may not be. Truth has the “Consensual Construct” of its believers. Over a period of time this Construct assumes the moral & ethical cloak for that individual

The False Consciousness in Truth 

The same goes for the organisation & society also. Sometimes what we accept as the truth are actually the opposite versions of the facts. We refuse to see the reality as it will demolish the other connected untruths. We do not accept our mistakes, failures, inaction etc. False consciousness has a cycle of it’s own

Smart Leaders Don't Accept Things Blindly 

As organisational leadership (OL) we must be wary of dominating versions of anything. We must not accept things merely because most of them have accepted it. Most of the time truth is manufactured, idolized & practiced based on our “conscience of convenience“. This is one reason why change, innovation, creativity etc never occurs in an organisation and why it fails also

What Smart Leaders Should Do 

The duty of OL is

  • to fact check the dominating versions

  • break the cycle of false consciousness

  • to stop Consensual Construct from growing

  • demolish the “Conscience of Convenience“

This way the organisation will prosper