You Must Practice This To Grow In The Leadership Of Ideas

Neccesity is the Mother of Inventions 

The prehistoric humans had no written form of communication. Every communication was oral. The earliest form of written communication was pictorial. But it could not serve the purpose. 

The Sumerians developed the cuneiform writing. But it was no easy task to remember more than 300 different wedges & even more combinations of wedges. 

You must practice this to grow in the leadership of ideas

Religion popularized the written style of communication.  The Akkadians popularized cuneiform writing by creating religious hymns in this style. 

The Assyrians refined cuneiform writing & the Babylonians shaped it to the point of Alphabets. 

The Phoenicians created the Alphabet system of Writing. The Greeks borrowed the style & created Philosophers out of this. 

A human Revolution in Communication has begun. Art, literature, philosophy, medicine, history, geography etc took birth from the womb of Alphabets. 

No Ideas are Original

No Ideas are Original per se. But Improvisations are mostly original.  
Every civilization improved upon the existing Ideas. 

Be the link in the chain 

“Leadership of Ideas” are like chains. The longer it is the more wider it reaches. 

Leadership must not always obsess to create new things. Many successful leadership try to build up on the existing ideas. They improve, refine & redefine the existing ideas to suit the purpose & the times

The chain grows like that in continuity forever.

Be the link in the chain of “Leadership of Ideas”.