You Must Understand That Life Is Not An Imprisonment

Understand It 

Once we understand this then it becomes easier to move ahead. We know where to take our chances.

Have you ever thought of freeing yourself ?

Our professional life is not the only important aspect of our existence. Life has many larger canvas to paint our desires afresh.

Everyone has talents which is still imprisoned within them.

Everyone is not in the same profession commensurate with their talents.

For example a fine poet may be working in technology due to some circumstances.

That doesn't mean he knows only technology & is condemned to succeed in that profession.

Life is Not An Imprisonment 

Life cannot be an imprisonment. Our forced choices cannot be our ultimate end.

Omar Khayyam, the great Persian poet is never mentioned even as a poet in any historical records of his time. He is merely known as a Mathmetician & an astronomer.

No one knew him outside the court. He was just a scientist like many other.

But he had passion for poetry. He wrote to liberate his hidden talents & the world got it's famous Rubaiyaats.

Today hardly anyone knows Omar Khayyam by his profession.

Such is the magic of our hidden talent. Such is the vast canvas before us to paint our dreams.

Be what you desire to be. Be the Thought Leader.

Give wings & chance to your #leadership of Ideas.